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Muthoot Finance Limited NCD

Company Overview : Muthoot Finance Ltd. is the largest gold financing company in India in terms of Gold loan portfolio* and is the flagship company of the Muthoot Group – An M George Enterprise. Gold Loan business was started in 1939. Group started its retail loan business under the name ‘Muthoot Bankers’, a partnership firm. Group incorporated ‘Muthoot Finance Ltd’ in 1997 and commenced business as NBFC in 2001. The company has no business relationships with Muthoot Pappachan Group or with Mini Muthoottu Group.

Yield : Ranges from 11.50% to 12.40% depending on the series applied for

Issue Period : September 17, 2012 to October 5, 2012 with an option for early closure or extension


Stock Exchanges proposed for listing : NSE and BSE


Issuance and Trading : The NCDs will be issued in both physical and dematerialised form. However, the NCDs will be traded compulsorily in dematerialised form. However, NCDs under Option V will be compulsorily allotted in dematerialised form.


Credit Rating : “ICRA AA-/stable“ by ICRA & “CRISIL AA-/Stable” by CRISIL


Interest on Application Money* : 11.50 % per annum on the amount allotted, for non ASBA applications 6.00 % per annum on application money which is liable to be refunded, for non ASBA applications


Basis of Allotment : first come first serve basis.


* subject to deduction of income tax under the provisions of the Income Tax Act 1961

Issue Structure

Options I II III IV V
Interest Payment Annual Annual Monthly Annual Cummulative
Face Value / Issue Price (Rs/NCD) Rs 1000        
Min Application Rs 10000 (10 NCDs) and in multiples of Rs 1000 (1 NCD) thereof
Coupon Rate 11.50% 11.75% 11.75% 12.00% 12.25%
Effective Yield 11.50% 11.75% 12.40% 12.00% 12.25%
Tenor 24 Months 36 Months 60 Months 60 Months 72 Months



How to Invest in Muthoot Finance Limited NCD

If you have a HDFC securities ltd trading account

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