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Corporate Fixed Deposits

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Corporate Fixed Deposits are best suited for investors who want to earn fixed returns on their investments. Our rich menu of AAA and AA rated fixed deposits of varying tenures provide stability to your portfolio amid volatile markets.

How to choose a Corporate FD?

  • Credit Rating: It indicates the underlying risk of the company. Hence it is better to opt for highly rated FDs
  • Company Background: It can be assessed through its financials and the viability of its business
  • Repayment History: Companies with a better repayment history are a safer bet for investors
  • List of available Corporate Fixed Deposit shemes:

    Company Name Yield (p.a.)* Credit Rating For Details
    Bajaj Finance Ltd 9.75 % CRISIL - FAAA Click Here
    Shriram Transport Finance - Unnati 10.50% CRISIL - FAA+
    & ICRA - MAA+
    Click Here
    Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services 11.13% CRISIL Rating -
    PNB Housing Finance Ltd. 9.40% CRISIL - FAAA Click Here
    HDFC Limited
    9.55% CRISIL- FAAA & ICRA - MAAA Click Here
    LIC Housing Finance 9.40% CRISIL - FAAA Click Here
    Gruh Finance Ltd 9.50% CRISIL - FAAA,ICRA-MAAA Click Here
    Sundaram BNP Paribhas Home Finance 9.50% MAA+ - ICRA Click Here

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