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Pay a part, buy stocks and square off within T+2 days

e-Margin Product Facility gives you the flexibility to square off the position on T+2 day (2nd day from trading day).

Under normal Margin Product Facility, you have to square off the position as the end of settlement cycle.

If you close the position in the trading day, you will be charged a margin brokerage. If you carry forward the trade to second or the third trading day, you will be charged a cash brokerage.

If you fail to square the positions by T+2 day, HDFC securities will square off the position on your behalf

Benefits   Key Features

  • Enhanced profit potential due to increase in investment horizon.
  • Pay a part of the value, take a huge exposure to trade in the scrip.
  • Option to  carry forward the position for T+2 days
  • Option to convert 'open' E-Margin position into 'delivery' position on/ before T, T + 1, T + 2 days

  • e Margin product is available only for Equity segment.
  • e Margin product is not available during off market hours.
  • e-Margin facility will be available to all scrips currently eligible for Intraday product.
  • Partial Convert to delivery for T + 1 and T + 2 position possible by entering quantity through Open position book.

Steps to place an e- Margin Order:

Step : 1 Login to your Trading account
Step : 2 Click on Buy, Select the Exchange
Step : 3 Enter the first 3 characters & select the company.
Step : 4 Select Product as "e-Margin"
Step : 5 Enter the required quantity and price of the scrip.
Step : 6 Click on Know your Margin to calculate the margin requirement to place order.
Step : 7 Hold your funds on Limits section accordingly
Step : 8 Place Order.
Step : 9 Track your Order status in Order Book.
Step : 10 To Square off your transaction on or before T+2 days, select Open Positions.

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