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HDFC Securities – e-Margin Trading


Take advantage of the extra buying power and extra time on our extended e-Margin facility..


You can buy stocks today and pay up to T+5 days. That simply means you can hold on to your stocks for 6 trading days. And a higher leverage means an opportunity to amplify your profit potential.


201404210316526522603239 Buy stocks today and pay on or before  T+ 5 days
201404210316526522603239 Enhances your buying power as you need to pay only a small portion of the stock value
201404210316526522603239 Amplify your profit potential due to an increase in investment horizon
201404210316526522603239 Nominal delayed interest charge of around 0.05% per day on the outstanding amount, till you square off the position
201404291147459395739304.jpg Login to your Trading account
201404291147459395739304.jpg Click on Buy, Select the Exchange
201404291147459395739304.jpg Enter the first 3 characters & select the company.
201404291147459395739304.jpg Select Product as "e-Margin"
201404291147459395739304.jpg Enter the required quantity and price of the scrip.
201404291147459395739304.jpg Click on Know your Margin to calculate the margin requirement to place order.
201404291147459395739304.jpg Place Order & Track your Order status in Order Book
201404291147459395739304.jpg To Square off your transaction on or before T+5 days, select Open Positions.
201404210316526522603171; TRADE


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