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Fixed Income

If you are looking to diversify your portfolio or seeking a predictable income stream, fixed income investments may be a good bet for you. We offer a wide selection of AAA and AA rated fixed deposits, bonds and non convertible debentures to help you generate income, provide stability to your portfolio and more.
Corporate FDs
 201409230505521112993187.png Bajaj 9.75 %
 201409230505521112993187.png Shriram 10.50 %
 201409230505521112993187.png Mahindra &  Mahindra 10.00 %
 201409230505521112993187.png SREI Equipment Finance Ltd
54 EC Capital Gains
 201409230505521112993187.png NHAI 6.00%
 201409230505521112993187.png REC 6.00%
Currently no primary issues available. For secondary listed issues login and visit trading section.
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The information above should not be construed as an offer of solicitation .The information contained herein is from sources believed reliable viz; Corporate FD issuers, publicly available information & Rating Agencies etc. Consumers wanting to invest have to do due diligence and decision to invest by individuals are  their own. KYC and AML requirements by the FD issuer needs to be fulfilled by the customer.
securities is a financial intermediary acting in the capacity of a distributor for the above financial products and facilitates investments for clients based on client's request.

HDFC securities is not responsible for any loss, delay or any change in the market conditions that may result in the investment period. HDFC securities will actively engage and endeavor to provide the best customer service at all times.
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