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Placing Intraday Order Online

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To Place an Equity Intraday Buy Order Online: -


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Logon to the trading Site then Click Trading then Click Welcome then Select Buy.

1) Select the Exchange you want to place on Order on .
2) Select the Instrument - Equity.
3) Type in the first 3 characters of the script you want to Buy & choose the company you want to invest in.
4) Select Intraday to place an intraday order.
5) Type in the Quantity of scripts you want to Buy
6) To buy at Market price select the option Market / To buy at a specific price select Limit.
7) Type in the price you want to buy at if you have chosen the option Limit.
8) Click Place Order.


You will get an Order Verification screen. If all details are correct click Confirm Order.


You will get a Broker Reference Number.

Day Trading Product & Features

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