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Learning Curve - DIY SIP in equities - The smarter way to invest

DIYSIP Learning Series

  • What is DIYSIP?
    DIYSIP stands for "DO IT Yourself Systematic Investment Plan"in equities, is a product using which one can invest in stock(s) of his/her choice systematically on regular basis. In simple words it is SIP on any chosen scrip(s).
  • Why D.I.Y SIP?
    It's a disciplined way of investing in equities/shares.
    It helps you to accumulate stocks of your choice in your portfolio on a regular basis.
    Build a portfolio that generates long term wealth.
    Invest in well-researched stocks using research team inputs or the stocks you believe in.
    The power to take your own decisions and be your own fund manager.
  • Is DIYSIP a PMS (portfolio management service) run by HDFC Securities?
    No, HDFC Securities DIYSIP is a service on the equity transaction platform that does not constitute a PMS or mutual fund.
  • Who can apply for DIYSIP?
    Any Resident Indian Customer with a active HDFC securities 4:1 trading account can opt for DIYSIP.
  • Does the customer need to open a new demat or trading account for this?
    No, Your existing HDFC securities trading account will enable us to register you for DIYSIP.
  • What are the trigger dates for SIP?
    You can opt 1st, 7th or 15th of every month as the SIP trigger date. In case, the trigger day is on a trading holiday, the SIP will be triggered on the next trading day.
  • I wish to trigger my DIYSIP on all three dates. How do I do it?
    You may make multiple applications
    a. with different trigger dates,
    b. with same/different scrip/s,
    c. where you may be charged only for single application for same day applications.
  • What are the brokerage & fee structure?
    Normal brokerage and other statuatory charges will be applicable on the scrips accumulated through the scheme. There is a one-time, non refundable, sign up/administrative charge of ` 249/-.( For HDFC Bank employees- 50% discount)
  • Is there separate sign-up charge for multiple applications made on the same day?
    No. You will be charged for only one application as per the applicable sign-up charges irrespective of number of applications. However all applications, need to be made on the same day and should come in together.
  • What is the maximum no of scrips I can opt per SIP form?
    You can opt upto 10 scrip per SIP application. In case, you wish to apply for more than 10 no of scrip then please fill up an additional SIP form. All application should be signed on the same day mentioning the date.
  • Which are the scrip that I can choose?
    You can choose scrip of your choice, which is/are allowed to be traded through HDFC securities. You can opt ETFs (Gold & Index). Scrip under value of Rs. 2.5/- are excluded from subscription. You may refer to HDFC Securities Research team?s recommendations, if you wish to. Else, you should make your own investment decision based on your specific investment objectives and financial position.
  • Does Renewal option available to me?
    You may renew the scheme by re-applying / intimating concerned. ( visit www.hdfcsec.com - FAQ's for more details)
  • Is it possible to sell the scrip purchased under DIYSIP?
    Yes, you may sell the shares accumulated through DIYSIP at your own discretion. On successful trigger date of DIYSIP transactions, scrip are added in to your limits on best effort basis.
  • Can I cancel, or modify or pause the DIYSIP?
    Yes, if you wish to modify / pause / cancel existing DIYSIP i.e. change number of scrips, quantity of units in the scrip, change the tenure, change trigger date; you need to call OR email using your registered mail ID to our Customer care department 7 days prior to the trigger date.
  • Are there any charges to Modify / pause/ re-start the DIYSIP?
    No. You will not be charged.
  • Is the sell side also triggered by HDFC Securities in SIP?
    No,HDFC Securities Limited will only trigger buy leg based DIYSIP application. Selling will be at your own discretion.
  • Will the SIP get triggered, if I have partial/insufficient fund in my account?
    SIP will be triggered subjected to availability of SIP amount (Calculated with the previous business day closing price of the scrip plus 5% buffer). There will not be any partial execution of SIP in case of amount less than the SIP amount (inclusive of the 5% buffer).
  • Do I get intimation after the DIYSIP is triggered regarding successful OR unsuccessful transaction?
    Yes. You will receive an SMS and email post un/successful transaction. The Contract notes and other documents would be sent across as per the normal course of operations.
  • What is upper cap?
    For stocks minimum entry should be encouraged for Rs.5000/-, however for NIFY and gold units exception may be made. Upper cap is investment limit specified by you in your DIYSIP application.  For all monthly DIYSIP transactions, if sum total (inclusive 5% buffer) of amount required to buy all units across all scrip are less than the upper cap specified by you, transactions will be triggered. This is also subject to funds availability in the linked bank account.
  • Which are the scrips, I can choose to start DIYSIP?
    You can opt scrip of your choice or you can also refer our Value pick stocks by our research team.
    You should make your own investment decisions based on your specific investment objectives and financial position.
  • What all documents I have to submit alongwith the application form?
    Alongwith the application form, you have to submit self attested copy of your PAN.
  • Where should I submit the application forms?
    You can submit/send the duely filled form to the below address,
    Central Operations Dept.
    HDFC Securities Limited
    Office Floor 8, "I THINK" Bldg,
    Jolly Board Campus,
    Kanjurmarg (East),
    Mumbai - 400042. India.
  • Will I be called up before the execution of my DISYIP order on trigger date?
    You will be called to confirm the application details before the first trigger date. But subsequently, SIP will be triggered in an automated mode and you will not be called prior to execution of order on trigger day.

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