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Global Investing

First-in-industry platform for direct investment in US market
3400+ US stocks and ETFs
$250,000 maximum annual investment
10 minutes to start investing
1/100th of a stock as minimum investment

Model Portfolios

Hand-picked stocks with benchmark-beating returns
Research-backed Recommendations
Zero Set-up, AMC Charges
Single click investment in multiple stocks
Real-time Performance tracking

Goal Planning

Tailor-made plans to suit each of your goals
Interactive and personalised investment journey
Loan benefits Make your loan interest-free
AI-based goal planning as per your needs
Goal-based profile instead of 1-time profiling

Mutual Funds

Invest anytime, anywhere for as little as Rs 1000/ month
Intuitive invest at any stage of decision making
Expert recommendations for each investor
Single-click transaction on multiple investments
Tax planning Save tax with ELSS schemes
InvestNow - Better than the best
  • One platform solution
    Invest directly through NetBanking
  • One of a kind
    Industry-first platform for investing in US stocks
  • No extra charges
    Zero account opening and AMC charges
  • Quick and Easy
    Investing as easy and swift as online shopping
  • On your fingertips
    Invest anytime, anywhere
  • Stocks that deliver
    Science-backed and time-tested funds
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