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Invest in Mutual Funds online


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Brace for a paperless investing experience in Mutual Funds.


You can purchase mutual fund units online just like stocks through your trading account. The units will get credited to your demat account. You can even redeem the units (in demat form) online. The funds will get credited to your linked banked account on T+2 basis.


Do a one-time online registration with us for this convenient facility offered by NSE (MFSS) and BSE (BSE StAR MF).



  • No Paperwork: One Click for Purchase/Redemption
  • Wide Choice: 5000 mutual fund schemes (equity & debt) across 37 AMCs.
  • Single view: Track your stocks & mutual fund through your trading account
  • Convenience: You can buy/sell units online till 3pm 
  • Flexibility: You can modify/cancel orders online till 3 pm.
  • Easy KYC: No separate KYC required for every investment if you are KYC compliant with us

Please Note:-

NRI's cannot invest through this platform.

How to Register for Mutual Funds :

  • Step 1 - Give your Online Consent for Investing in Mutual Fund
  • Step 2 - Authenticate  & Confirm using Trading Username & Password.

Registered users:

Logon to your Trading account >>>> On Trading Home Page
Click on Mutual Fund Tab >>>>>>>>Create NAV Watch>>>>>Place order

Important Information:

To know how to convert your existing physical units into electronic format, Click Here

Click here
To know about Funds & Scheme offerings.


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