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"Inter Settlement Square off" In case of Inter- settlement square off, auction losses/ losses on account of close-out (Exchange Close-Out/ Internal Close-Out), due to non-receipt of shares from the Exchange, will be borne by the customer.

Internal Closeout Policy:

For internal shortage the auction closeout policy of our company is as follows w.e.f. 1st December 2023:
Sellers delivering short shares (i.e. client failing to deliver shares against sell transactions) would be debited

a)      at the closing rate on T+1 day or Auction day on Exchange plus additional 5%
b)      The highest price prevailing in Exchange from the first day of the relevant transaction till auction trade day on per share basis for quantities delivered short.
Higher of above two a & b
Similarly, the client on the buy side would be credited with the same amount which was debited to the defaulting (i.e. selling) client as computed above. The provisional entry debited to the short delivering client (i.e. seller) would get reversed on the auction settlement day.

Trading is not allowed in either Z group scrips or scrips trading below Rs. 2.50. If you have bought any of the above securities through us and would like to sell them, please call 022 - 3075 0049.

Or contact Customer Care Ph: 022-39019400 / 022- 49360469

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