The home is the most important place for a person and its protection needs is of utmost importance. HDFC ERGO Home insurance provides you with a flexible and comprehensive cover that protects your home against all possible contingencies.

Yes, with HDFC ERGO’s home insurance, you get the benefit of reduced premiums as well as discounts up to 25% + 15%, depending on the tenure of your policy.

The claim process for HDFC ERGO Home Insurance is pretty straightforward. In the event of any claim, you need to call our toll-free number and register the claim at the earliest with the details of the nature of loss, location of loss, amount of loss (approx. estimation) and policy number for reference. Once the full and final documentation is received, your claim will be processed with prompt turnaround times.

HDFC ERGO provides the option of policy portability which allows you to switch to HDFC ERGOas your home insurance service provider effortlessly, and that too along with the transfer of any no-claim bonus you might have. For detailed assistance, visit your nearest HDFC ERGO branch.

For individuals - Any resident Indian who is the owner and / or occupant of the property can purchase a Home Insurance Policy. However, Home Insurance - multiyear policy can be issued only to house / flat owners and not to tenants.

For Society – Any authorized member of society’s managing committee can buy policy to cover society building & common utilities wherein policy needs to be issued in name of society.

The premium you will have to pay will depend on the tenure of the policy you choose and the sum insured, which in turn will be based on the following:

Depending on the varying factors, the payable premium also varies. There is an online premium calculator available on our website which you can use to calculate the payable amount.

The following are the properties not covered under the Policy -

“Kutcha” Construction

Resident cum offices



Property Under Construction

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