Key features

- You can use the cash product if you want to buy and hold the stock for the long term

- You need to have the entire transaction value, inclusive of brokerage and other charges, in your account before placing an order

- On successful execution of the order, the shares will be credited to your demat account on T+2 day (T being the day of execution of the order)

- You can sell the stock in the short term as well, if the desired selling price of the stock is achieved.

- Not constrained by time limit to buy/sell stocks.

- It is useful for medium-to-long-term investors.

Invest and see your money grow with Cash product.

How to Trade?

Trading in equities was never so easy. With HDFC securities’ multi-trading platforms, you can invest from your comfort zone using any of our online or offline channels.

1. ITS: Trade instantly by logging into your account from our mPowered trading platform - an easy-to-navigate and speedy transactional channel.

2. Mobile App: Trade-on-the-Go by downloading our Mobile Trading App on your Android, i-Phone or i-Pad. Give a missed call on 08010945114 to download the app.

 Call N Trade: Never miss out on trading opportunities. Call N Trade using our centralised dealing desk, call 33553366 (prefix STD Code) and speak to our trained telebroking executives to palce your order at no extra cost.

4. Visit our nearest branch. Click here to find our nearest branch.

Educational Videos

BUY & Sell Equities - Mobile
Learn to place Buy/Sell Equity orders on our Mobile App. Click here to download HDFC securities
BUY & Sell Equities - mPowered
Learn to place Equity orders on our mPowered site.

Cash Order #FaydeKeFeatures
With Cash Order, you can now choose your own time to buy/sell stocks. No time restrictions whatsoever. Hai na ye #FaydeKeFeatures? To know more, click here
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