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ETF through BSPL (Buy Stocks Pay Later)

To the delight of investors, SEBI released a circular stating that equity ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) can also be used as collaterals, similar to equity stocks. This allows an investor to buy a position of 4 times their capital in ETFs. The concept of leverage stays the same, and the investor can gain a higher amount position with a smaller capital. HDFC securities offers its clients to buy select ETFs under BSPL. These include,

  • Index
  • Banking
  • Pharma
  • IT
  • International & other types of ETFs.

Key Features

-You can buy stocks/ETF today and pay on or before T+ 275 days. Avail the benefit of T+275, by agreeing to the terms & conditions while placing the BSPL order through our trading platforms - web and mobile app

- Enhance your buying power, and in turn, a chance to increase your return on investment, as you need to initially pay a small portion of the stock/ETF value.

- Amplify your profit potential due to an increase in the investment horizon

- A small delayed interest charge of around 0.05% per day on the outstanding amount, until your position is settled

- Provides higher leverage to benefit from short-term market fluctuations

Take advantage of ultra-short term market movement with limited investment

How does it work?

Login to your trading account, on web or mobile app


  1.  Click on Buy, then select the exchange             
  2.  Enter the first 3 characters & select the company            
  3.  Select the product as "E-margin"            
  4.  Enter the required quantity and price of the script  
  5.  Click on Know your Margin to calculate the margin requirement to place the order            
  6.  Place your order & track your order status in the order book            
  7.  To square off your transaction on or before T+275 days, select Open Positions


Buy Stock Pay Later has advantages like building an investment habit, convenience, additional time to buy what you want, and a high-profit potential. However, it’s easy to overspend and overlook the terms and conditions of your purchase. Just as the profit potential is high, a market fall can cause a hefty impact on the investor. Before availing BSPL, it’s crucial to read and understand the rules, terms and conditions, to be aware of how much you’ll be spending in total, and to know what obligations you’ll fall under in case you miss an instalment.



Buy Now Pay Later
- Get up to 4X leverage, means an opportunity to amplify your profit potential - Pay Later up to T+275 days.
Enhance Your Buying Power with E Margin T+275 days
Enhance Your Buying Power with E Margin T+275 days
Enhance your Buy Power with E Margin
- Benefits of trading through E-margin -How to place E-margin Orders

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1. What is buy shares and pay later offer? 

The Buy Stocks Pay Later offers you amazing benefits where you can buy many stocks with a small margin required, as set by your broker. The amount apart from the margin required is paid by the broker/stockbroker. The ROI can be multiple times high if your stocks perform well. You can buy stocks/ETF today and pay on or before T+ 275 days. Avail the benefit of T+275, by agreeing to the terms & conditions while placing  BSPL (Buy Stocks Pay Later)  order through our trading platforms - web and mobile app


2. What is e-margin facility?

E-margin facility empowers you to leverage your buying power and you can hold your possession up to T +180 days. In this way, you can use additional time to buy your stocks, and hence, gain a higher leverage and a chance to amplify your profit potential.


3. What is mtf full form in share broking?

MTF full form in the share broking world is Margin Trading Facility. An MTF is an arrangement where an investor can buy a large amount of stocks and a smaller price. The investor pays a small initial amount which is called margin required. The rest amount in the transaction is paid by the broker, which is paid back by the investor in the form of instalments. 


4. What is margin stock?

Buying stock on margin is where an investor pays a margin requirement that’s usually an equivalent of 25% of the total purchase. This margin requirement is decided by the broker. The broker then buys the rest of the 3/4th stocks on behalf of the investor. The investor is expected to pay back this backlog with a nominal interest rate decided by the broker. Thus, in simple terms, buying stocks on a margin is where an investor borrows funds from their broker to increase their profit with the funds/holdings they have in hand, how much ever they be.


5. What is margin in share market?

In the stock market, margin trading is a facility through which investors can buy more stocks than they can afford to buy. The amount needed to buy the extra stocks is paid by the broker/stockbroker. Margin refers to the amount of money borrowed from a broker to purchase the stocks and is the difference between the total value of an investment and the loan amount.


6. What is margin pledge?

As per SEBI guidelines, shares bought under MTF have to be pledged or else they stand to be squared off. Hence an investor needs to take an MTF pledge. A margin pledge is a process in which an investor pledges their stocks to the broker in exchange for a collateral margin. This helps them buy extra stocks when they’re in shortage of funds. This additional margin can be used for Equity Intraday, futures & options writing (equity and currency F&O), and more. A margin pledge helps keep both the investors and stockbrokers happy and in balance.


7. What is margin in intraday trading?

Through margin trading, you can put forward a leveraged trade in the stock market. It’s a functionality where one can buy more stocks than they can afford by borrowing money from the broker/stockbroker. The broker then charges a nominal interest rate on the money lent which is paid back by the investor in instalments. In simple terms, it helps increase your buying power by helping you buy a large number of shares.


8. Who is the best delivery margin broker?

While there are many well established brokers like HDFC securities, Angel Broking, IIFL, Motilal Oswal, Zerodha, etc., each has a set of perks, offers, services, and requirements which you can choose and then use. For e.g., one might be free but with hidden charges, while the other one would be excellent at giving exceptional market insights at your fingertips, but with a cost. Make sure you research your options well and choose any broker that suits your needs the best.


9. What are the features of margin trading? 

Margin trading helps investors enjoy the benefits of short-term trading when they don’t have the funds required to buy a large amount of shares. It enhances the investor’s buying power, and the ROI on the capital invested. It’s convenient as you can use your shares or other securities as margins. It’s a type of leveraged trading and helpful in stocks when futures aren’t available.


10. What are the advantages of BSPL?

First and foremost, a BSPL helps you inculcate a healthy habit for saving for the future. It’s convenient and builds a discipline to pay charges over fixed intervals. Most of the time, a nominal interest rate is charged by the broker so you can invest without any second thoughts! The approval time is fast and one doesn’t need a high credit score to qualify for a BSPL.

How is the additional margin called during MTM process?

The additional margin is debited from the limits. It is the client's responsibility to check the adequacy of margins at all times and mark a hold on the required funds for increasing the limits in order to avoid Square off of the position/s by HDFC securities.

What is BSPL (Buy Stocks Pay Later) ? What are its benefits?
 BSPL (Buy Stocks Pay Later)  is a leveraged trading facility. You can create positions under this product that can be squared off or converted to delivery (C2D) till T+275 day (T= being Trade date) on or before the specified time. The said facility will be available to the customers ...
What will be the impact on the margin blocked if I/HDFC securities square off the BSPL (Buy Stocks Pay Later) position?

Margin will be released after deducting loss on square off (if any) and this limit can be utilized for trading in other equity product

What will be the impact on my limits if I convert an BSPL (Buy Stocks Pay Later) trade into delivery?
You can convert an BSPL (Buy Stocks Pay Later) trade into delivery only if you have adequate cash limits. You can also mark hold on additional funds from your linked Savings account. Example: You buy 100 shares of ABC at the rate of Rs. 2500 under BSPL (Buy Stocks Pay Later). Limit utilize...

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