Elevate Your Trading Experience with TradingView Charts on HDFC SKY



Calling all chart enthusiasts! We've got exciting news just for you.

In response to popular demand, HDFC SKY is thrilled to announce the integration of TradingView Charts into our platform. Now, traders and investors can choose between two powerful charting options: TradingView and ChartIQ, all to suit their preferences.

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Key Features at Your Fingertips:

1.     Multiple Full screen charts View with Pop-Out Feature

Open multiple full-screen charts for different stocks, each with customizable time frames.


2. Advanced Indicators and Drawing Tools

Empower your technical analysis with an extended list of indicators and drawing tools.


3. Effortless Stock Search and Addition

Simply type your preferred stock's name (e.g., TCS) while viewing a full-screen chart using your keyboard. The chart platform will automatically open a search window for stock selection.


4. Customizable Chart Colors and Lines

Tailor your charts with a rich palette of colors and a variety of line combinations for enhanced clarity.


5. Diverse Chart Types

Switch between candlestick charts, bar charts, line charts, Heikin-Ashi charts, and more to match your analysis style.


6. Navigate to Specific Dates and time frame

Explore how a stock performed on a specific day, making it a powerful tool for historical analysis.


HDFC SKY's integration of TradingView delivers the same seamless charting experience as the TradingView website. Additionally, you gain access to real-time financial news and an economic calendar. Stay informed about crucial events and economic data that can impact your trading decisions.

How to Switch Between ChartIQ and TradingView Charts on HDFC SKY:

For the Mobile App:

  • Navigate to the Profile section in the top left corner of the mobile app.
  • Access the Profile Settings section.
  • Tap on Edit Preferences.
  • Select Trading View Charts.

For the Web Platform:

  • Visit the Profile section in the top right corner of the Web platform.
  • Click on View Profile.
  • Navigate to Preferences (next to Account Detail) and click on Edit Preference.
  • Enable Trading View Charts.


Now, take TradingView Charts on HDFC SKY for a spin and share your valuable feedback with us.


Happy trading!

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