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Hand-picked trading opportunities identified by our expert derivatives desk. These trading ideas are based on detailed analysis of key futures & options parameters including - Open Interest, Put Call Ratio (PCR), Implied Volatility and more.

As of today
Target Achived
This call still has potential to give significant positive returns
Target Returns
Buy Call with 3 month time frame
CMP : 1758
Target : 1658
Stop Loss : 1858
Reco Date :12/09/2016

Our Research Reports

Get a broader understanding of the markets, based on the Futures & Options position in the early morning and end-of-the-day market commentary.

FNO Weekly Report 2024 Jun 15
Long build up is seen in the Nifty Futures during the week, where we have seen 2.30% rise in Open Interest with Nifty rising by 0.75%.
FNO Weekly Report 2024 Jun 14
FNO Weekly Report 2024 Jun 12
Nifty erased all its gains in the last hour of the session on June 11 after making a top at 1345 Hrs and ended little changed from previous day’s close.
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