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Hand-picked trading opportunities identified by our expert derivatives desk. These trading ideas are based on detailed analysis of key futures & options parameters including - Open Interest, Put Call Ratio (PCR), Implied Volatility and more.

As of today
Target Achived
This call still has potential to give significant positive returns
Target Returns
Buy Call with 3 month time frame
CMP : 1758
Target : 1658
Stop Loss : 1858
Reco Date :12/09/2016

Our Research Reports

Get a broader understanding of the markets, based on the Futures & Options position in the early morning and end-of-the-day market commentary.

FNO Daily Report 2024 Jun 19
Nifty saw another day of records as it extended gains to the fourth session on June 18.
FNO Daily Report 2024 Jun 15
Long build up is seen in the Nifty Futures during the week, where we have seen 2.30% rise in Open Interest with Nifty rising by 0.75%.
FNO Daily Report 2024 Jun 14
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