Who can open an NRI 3in1 Account with HDFC securities?

An NRI, PIO & a seafarer can open a 3in1 Account (Availability subject to jurisdictions permitting Investment in & Trading of Indian Securities on Indian Stock Exchanges).

Who is defined as a NRI ?

An Indian citizen leaves India for the purpose of employment, business, education, stay with parents/ children, with the intention of staying abroad for an uncertain period. In such cases, he becomes a NRI the moment he leaves India, even if he has not stayed abroad for 182 days or more during the financial year.

What does Person of Indian Origin (PIO) mean?

A citizen of any country other than Bangladesh or Pakistan who had (a)At any time held Indian passport or (b)He or either of his parents or any of his grand-parents was a citizen of India by virtue of the constitution of India or the Citizenship Act 1955 or (c)The person is a spouse of an Indian citizen or a person referred to in (a) or (b)

Do we offer 3in1trading account to USA & Canada based NRIs & PIOs ?

 Yes , USA & Canada based NRIs and PIOs can open the Trading account with us provided customer is present in India at the time of account opening.

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