Key Features

- An off-market order can be placed with a Limit price

- Limit price should fall in a range as mandated by the exchange

- Orders are sent to the exchange on the next trading day

- Even if you are busy during the market hours, you can place an order later for the subsequent trading day.

- Limit Order can be placed in Cash Market, Index Futures and Index Options

Place an order anytime during the day for the subsequent trading day.

How to Trade?

Trading in equities was never so easy. With HDFC securities’ multi-trading platforms, you can invest from your comfort zone using any of our online or offline channels.

1. ITS: Trade instantly by logging into your account from our mPowered trading platform - an easy-to-navigate and speedy transactional channel.

2. Mobile App: Trade-on-the-Go by downloading our Mobile Trading App on your Android, i-Phone or i-Pad. Give a missed call on on 08010945114 to download the app.

3. Call N Trade: Never miss out on trading opportunities. Call N Trade using our centralised Dealing Desk, call 33553366 (Prefix STD Code) and speak to our trained telebroking executives to place your order at no extra cost.

4. Visit our nearest branch. Click here to find our nearest branch.

Off Market Order
We made your life a little easier and your sleep a little lengthier. Now place orders 24X7 with “Off Market Orders”. To know more:

Educational Videos

Equity Off market order - Mobile
Use our Mobile App to place buy/sell orders in stocks after market hours
Equity Off market order - mPowered
Missed placing your order during market hours? Don't worry, you can place an off-market order when the exchanges are closed.


HDFC Securities provides you with Off Market Order facility wherein you could place your Buy/Sell orders even while the markets are closed.

What are the timings for Off-market orders?

You can place Off-market Orders from 19:00 to 21:30 (IST) & from 00:00 to 09:00 (IST). Note: Above mentioned timings may vary depending on the completion of EOD Process.

What kind of orders can be placed during Off-market hours?

Only Limit orders can be placed in the Cash Segment, Margin Segment, Index Futures and Index Options.

What happens to my Off-market orders?

Orders will be sent to the exchange when market re-opens and it will be processed in sequential manner to the Exchange basis received. If limit price is triggered when market opens the order would be executed.

Can I cancel/ modify my Off-market orders during the market hours?

You can cancel/modify your order anytime before price is triggered.

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