Key Features

- Zero cost on pledge held in Demat    

- Enhance your buying power by utilising shares that are otherwise lying idle

- Ability to sell shares online when blocked

- Higher leverage

- Helps in grabbing the short-term opportunity in the market, without incremental investments

Make use of your idle shares lying in your demat account, which will earn extra returns for you.

Steps to initiate Pledge request:

Pledging of stocks is available on all our digital platforms. Here’s a table that tells you how to use our web-portal and our mobile app to initiate a pledge (post login).
Web Portal > Under Equity Tab > Demat Balance > Select the stock that need to be pledged > Click on Hold > Select Block Type as Pledge > Enter the Quantity > Click on Hold
Mobile App > Under More Tab > Portfolio > Demat Balance > Select the stock that need to Pledged > Select hold type as Pledge > Enter the Quantity > Click on Hold

What’s next (after I initiate the pledge request on our platform)?

1. NSDL / CDSL will send you a link on the mobile number/e-mail id that is registered with your demat account
2. Click the link to complete the authentication process by entering your PAN number or Demat account number
3. Verify the details available on the link and click on generate OTP (Please note – NSDL demat account holders should keep “All Segment” selected, as displayed by NSDL as default).
4. You will now get an OTP on your mobile/e-mail id as is registered in your demat a/c
5. Authenticate your request on NSDL / CSDL platform with your OTP
6. Your limit will be enabled within couple of hours

Shares as Pledge #FaydeKeFeatures
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What is Collateral Facility?

Collateral Facility is depositing the shares lying in the Demat account with HDFC securities to get additional limits for trading.

How can I use this facility?

If you have less or no funds for trading, you may use this facility to get additional limits against the shares available in your Demat account by marking a collateral hold on those shares.

What are the benefits of Collateral Facility?
  • Higher leverage 
  • Zero Cost on Collateral held in Demat
  • Enhanced buying power
  • Ability to Sell shares Online when blocked
What is Collateral Sell?

Collateral Sell facility is a feature by which client can sell those securities online, that they have placed as collateral hold for availing trading limits

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